Monday, 6 September 2010


So on saturday I tried to go get a けいたい (keitai -mobile phone) but my alien registration form had been typed wrong and said I was leaving the country in three months so au wouldnt allow me to get a phone. So I went home and chilled out pretty much most of the day, it was pretty quiet.

On Sunday a few of us from Global House went to Kichijoji, a suburb of Mitaka. Fumika was our guide. We were planning on just going to the Cat Cafe Calico because we'd seen it on TV on Saturday but we actually ended up doing a lot more. We parked our bikes in Inokashira Park (井の頭公園), so we had a little walk around there. Theres a large lake in the middle, which I'm told people go to to break up with their significant other, this made me laugh. 

Before we could go to the 猫カフェ(Cat Cafe) we had to find an ATM, so we had a casual walk around the shops looking for one. There's a lot of stuff in Kichijoi which is cheaper than Mitaka, because there's so much competition between shops. We went to Yodobashi Camera which is a huuuge department store which specialises in electronics, I'm thinking of possibly getting an electronic dictionary here soon. Then we had some time to kill before we could go to the cat cafe (we had to book because we were such a large group), so we went to one of the arcade and did プリクラ (purikura - literally translated as print club).
All the girls around the purikura machines.
 This is sort of like a photobooth, and after you take the photos you customise them with all sorts of things. I think its quite popular among ギャル.

Customising our photos, the actual prints are to small to post on here, sorry!
 Finally it was time for the Cat Cafe! We payed 900yen for one hour with the cats. There was the cutest corgi kitten ever!! I'm not sure if thats an actual breed but you can see why we called him that from the video I'll be posting soon.
Corgi Kitten!

They played classical music inside and half of the cats were sleeping so the atmosphere made us kinda sleepy, but other than that it was really fun. This is something I wanted to try because its kinda unique, so I was happy I went.

Afterwards we were all pretty hungry and in the mood for some Japanese food, so we headed to a Japanese fast food chain and I got to try 牛丼(Gyudon). Gyudon is basically a bowl of rice topped with seasoned beef and onions, I believe its traditionally eaten with a raw or semi cooked egg and/or ginger. I'm not a fan of ginger so I didn't go for that but I was interested in the raw egg as its in quite a lot of Japanese meals. I tried it but I didn't like it lol, so I think I'll stay away from that for now!

After our meal we cycled back to ICU, it was a good day :)

Kichijoji by night, a little blurry though!

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