Monday, 18 October 2010

Homesickness. Lesson 1: How to keep your mind off it.

 Most likely due to my quiet weekend, I have acquired a little bit of homesickness. It was a total surprise to me but when it hit it hit hard. I wanted to eat a cheese savoury stottie from greggs, go shopping at the Metro Centre, walk the dog along the beach at Seahouses.I wanted to have a cuppa and a Tunnock's Tea Cake (not from newcastle but still northern!) And wanted to party in the third best European city for Nightlife, I wanted a skittles!  I swear being homesick turns you into some sort of obsessive, I don't usually want to eat pease pudding watch Auf Wiedersehen Pet! Still I've enjoyed listening to a bit of Sting and Mark Knopfler.


I looked out across
The river today,
I saw a city in the fog and an old church tower
Where the seagulls play.
I saw the sad shire horses walking home
In the sodium light
I saw two priests on the ferry
October geese on a cold winter's night
And all this time, the river flowed
Endlessly to the sea.


Pronunciation:  /ˈhōm-ˌsik/
Function: adj
:  longing for home and family while absent from them
home·sick·ness Function: n

On a more serious note, yeah, I miss my home and I miss my family, friends and my boyfriend that is true, but the way this seems to have effected me the most is by stripping me of my self confidence, some once everyday tasks have now became quite a challenge to me and I have found my self relying upon people from home for comfort quite a lot. Nevertheless I am determined to push through and overcome this obstacle. I'm going to try and turn this into a learning experience. 

Upon hearing I'm homesick, a lot of people have offered words of advice, one of the most popular ones which surfaces time and again is: 'keep yourself busy and keep your mind off it'. Luckily, something has been happening here at Global House recently that should do just that...


The game takes place over three days and it started at midnight yesterday. There are 41 players, each with a target, you must 'kill' (or tag) your target and make sure you get a witness to the assassination. Then your team receives points. The team with the most points wins, sounds simple I guess. So far its bloody terrifying! I've heard many stories of how in previous years people have assassinated their targets, hiding in cupboards, jumping from balconies and climbing through windows. All I can say is wish me luck.

Thanks for reading :)

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